Friday, January 24, 2014

Starting a blog feels kinda awkward at first but slowly its feel smooth but in the end. I have written quite random stories and quotes in hard copy. From short stories fiction too random as a pie stories. Started this blog as a purpose to guide games and music. Currently studying Psychology , I think this subject is a preferred choice for my kind of personality. Well I think we will stop this blog till somekind of new Idea runs to my mind. Music updated will be in my twitter and about my life ? You have to get my secret hard copy of my blog or you could say "diary". Follow my on twitter @cok3drink , youtube or any other social media that you can find me.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Delayed Post

I have not been posting recently because of my current issue about my college. On my few free time I had played a few dota 2 matches and there was alot of casual new players on match making, guild war 2 now currently running halloween event . Soon i will be workong next month so i will be less active on gaming.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dishonored Gameplay

It looks hard at start but once you get the hang of the AI movement and reactions it will be easy. I like the graphic where its like in a comic style kind and it does had nice quality compare to xbox and ps3. I had already finish the game in Hard and now playing Very Hard which be ending soon. The first time I played I killed alot of people which effected the ending scene now I am trying not to kill as much as possible to see the alternative one. Borderland 2 on the other hand I cant get to record any games because there is problem when I Lan with my friends online it will crash while recording so I wont be posting anything from it

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Just heard back an old song Cold Play - Fix You , such an powerful song yet so sweet and slow. Dont misjudge me yet there are a good mashup with this song from thomas gold try find it on youtube and here are the three top songs for cold play really good mastering indeed.

Viva la Vida by Cold Play , Hear it once and your heart will follow the beat of the song 

Fix You by Cold Play , hmmm hmmm hmmm 

My Second favorite after viva la vida this had an epic opening for its album and suite the song hurts like heaven very well Hurts Like Heaven by Cold Play from album (Mylo Xyloto). There are a lot of nice songs and remixes from the band ColdPlay search it .

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Music Top 5 Picks (12 Oct 2012)

Hello this time I will be posting this top 5 picks base on the song that is played during a morning meal outside. I uses Lumia 800 as a music player.

First - Steve Brian - Yaya ( Ronski Speed Remix) an epic remix for a morning not so sunny day

Special D - Come With Me (Hixxy Remix) hardcore at 00:56

Dj Quicksilver - Bellissima .My favorite one enojoy

Steve Brian - Yaya (Original Mix) yes both the remix and the original are good

System F - Insolation (Mv8 & T-Brain Progressive Chill-Out Mix). Cant it get more relax then this really try listening to this while having a ice cold tea with a nice breakfast meal. That is the top 5 for this morning

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Borderlands 2 and Dishonored

This two awesome game that just released for about a month and dishonored just yesterday , I be will playing this two soon , Borderlands 2 I will team up with two of my friends in co-op mode. I will be posting this two games about game play and stuff on my personal opinion. A stealth game and an action-fps here is a release trailer of the game Dishonored enjoy. Dishonored is a stealth game that is taken place in the future where its government are very powerful and its about a man with skeleton mask that is hoping for revenge on those rich and powerful people not much to say about the spoiler.

Dark Souls Entry #3

Came across this giant bird when I come back to the start point of the game .I cant even reach this giant crow to kill it but i think it will be a hard monster to kill. Until now I havent tried to kill it yet

Giant Skeleton
At first I cant enter the graveyard cause those skeletons are hard to kill when I arrive to this land. These skeletons will cause bleeding and are fast with roll attacks and slashes. Sometimes you will encounter this giant kind which are hard hitting mobs it took me two swing of my sword to kill it and it wont respawn.
The Catacombs
When exploring the graveyards area I found this rear area where it leads into a cave that is The Catacombs. Firstly dont come here if you are still below level 20 cause this area really is hard for those who cant tanks. There plenty kind of mobs inside skeletons , sorcerer skeletons , giant skeletons , that same statue boss without a head and leg and dark knight.
Respawn Skeleton

Once inside there are these normal skeleton but will keep respawning , at first I was like what how you kill these I will just killing it and run by but it will reconstruct itself and came back killing me in groups when i aggro to much of it. In the end i found out that you need to kill this sorcerer looking skeleton that wear old robes it will cast fire balls at you in long range. Is a tough dungeon with dark and underground old ruin kind  which are very cool to explore.
Pile of Bones
 When you venture deep enough there are alot of places that is creep and fun to explore but careful around these areas cause its full of deadly traps and dark holes that are hard to spot at the ground or even covered up in old floor. There will be flying heads that explode when you get near to it and the boss fight this time is very compact and small you cant run around dodging its attack anymore that is why i am now currently stuck there. Deep down in a water area these skeletons have wheel yes wheels they are like spining mobs that deal alot of damage if you stand there . I cant get pass that area cause there is even a dark knight there that uses one handed axe.